The total contribution of the
Group companies to local
suppliers, expressed in terms of
economic value, stood at
of the Group
companies’ total purchases
of our business
have in place Quality
Management Systems certified in
accordance with the
ISO 9001
international standard.
We are seeking to ensure
regulatory compliance and, in line
with our key principles,
we avoid any
cooperation with
potential unfair
which may lead to anti-
competitive behaviour or
S U S TA I NAB I L I T Y R E PORT 2 0 1 2
ll MYTILINEOS Group compa-
nies place particular emphasis on
the quality of the products they
manufacture and of the services that
they offer. The innovations which are ap-
plied in production processes and which
improve the quality, safety and envi-
ronmental impacts of the final product,
are considered to represent business op-
portunities. Although in most cases the
clients of the Group are not the end
users of its products, the Group’s poli-
cy is to ensure that all the products it
places to the market will fully meet the
statutory requirements and the expec-
tations of the end users.
The strict compliance with the laws
and regulations governing the manu-
facture of products; the adherence to
the principle that no product is signed
off to the next production stage unless
the quality criteria of the previous stage
have been met; the strict implementa-
tion of the procedures under the EN ISO
9001 Quality Management System; the
development of a Hazard & Operability
(HAZOP) Study for operational risk analy-
sis; and the staffing of the Quality Con-
trol Departments with experienced per-
sonnel who are provided with continu-
ous training, are some of the funda-
mental aspects of the specific policies on
product quality and safety that the
Group Companies apply in their re-
spective activity sectors. Regarding the
provision of verifiable and clear labelling
information for our products, including
their price and – as the case may be –
their safe use, environmental impacts,
maintenance, storage and disposal, the
Group complies fully with the relevant
requirements. Clients have at their dis-
posal the tools allowing them to check
all significant information which we
provide and to proceed to the corre-
sponding tests, if they wish so. In the
EPC Projects Sector, METKA S.A. carries
out complex large-scale projects award-
ed as a result of competitive tender pro-
cedures, which are carried out by the
Client and under which the prices of-
fered by the participants are compared.
In all cases, the scope, responsibilities and
commercial terms and conditions for the
projects have been initially determined
by the client and, upon conclusion of the
final negotiations, all specifications re-
quired are agreed in writing as part of
the project's contract.
10.1 Product Quality & Safety
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