S U S TA I NAB I L I T Y R E PORT 2 0 1 2
he respect of the fundamental
rights of employees, as these are
defined in the Declaration on
Fundamental Principles and Rights at
Work of the International Labour Or-
ganisation (ILO) is a key strategic goal
for our Group, as also stated in our
Professional Ethics Code:
“The Management of the Group se-
lects, assigns duties to, rewards and
compensates its employees based on
their formal and essential qualifications
with respect to the requirements of
their work, without discrimination on
grounds of race, religion, ethnic origin,
colour, gender, identity, age, nation-
ality, sexual orientation, family status,
disability or of any other characteris-
tics protected by the law. It encourages
and recommends to all its employees
to respect the individuality of every em-
ployee, supplier or client of the Group
and to refuse to concede to any be-
haviour that is offensive to the per-
sonal dignity of the individual, creates
discriminations of any type or results
in forced labour. It pledges to protect
children and minors against their ex-
ploitation for labour and undeclared
employment, and prohibits all sexual
or other harassment or exploitation of
the Group’s employees in the work-
place and in general in the premises
where its activities take place” (extract
from the Professional Ethics Code of
the MYTILINEOS Group).
In line with the above:
Since the end of 2010, we have in-
troduced the inclusion of criteria on
the protection of Labour Rights in
our major business agreements in
terms of economic volume and
strategic importance, as well as in
the contracts that we conclude
with major suppliers, contractors and
other business partners.
Since the end of 2012, we are de-
veloping a specific screening system
regarding our key suppliers and
subcontractors, which includes pro-
cedures for self-evaluation and for
the conduct of audits by official In-
ternational Organisations and NGOs
to ensure compliance with the re-
quirement for protection of Labour
Rights in their work premises.
In 2012,
management positions
the Group, a rate that represents
the Group's best performance
since its establishment.
of all our direct
employees receive
on an annual basis.
We prohibit
all types of
compulsory or forced
We prohibit
the employment of
7.1 Fundamental labour rights
The percentage of the contracts
which the company concluded with
major suppliers and contractors
during 2012 and which included cri-
teria on the protection of Human
Rights stood at 12%. With regard
to the company’s major business
agreements, this percentage stood
at 7.7%.
The percentage of the contracts
which the company concluded with
major suppliers and contractors dur-
ing 2012 and which included criteria
on the protection of Human Rights
stood at 10%.
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