18001), which have been adopted
by all Group Companies.
In addition, we are actively contribut-
ing to significant developments relat-
ing to public policy in the energy sec-
tor and directly affecting our business
activities, such as:
- The promotion of RES investments
in Greece, which is a contractual ob-
ligation of the country in line with
the EU target of a RES penetration
of 20% in final electricity consump-
tion by 2020.
- The liberalisation of the domestic
electricity market, which is expect-
ed to result in significant benefits for
the national economy, the environ-
ment and consumers.
Through our subsidiary PROTERGIA
S.A. we participate actively in public
consultations on specific Bills and on
draft decisions and regulations which
concern the energy sector.
In the context of our participation in
the above initiatives:
- We promote the liberalisation of the
domestic electricity market, through
the participation of PROTERGIA S.A.
in the Hellenic Association of Inde-
pendent Power Producers (HAIPP).
- We support the promotion of RES in-
vestments in Greece, through the par-
ticipation of PROTERGIA S.A. in the
Greek Association of RES Electricity
Producers (GAREP) and in the Hellenic
Wind Energy Association (HWEA).
- Through the participation of
PROTERGIA S.A. in the Institute of En-
ergy for Southeast Europe (IENE), we
also contribute to the development of
positions and recommendations and
to lobbying on energy-related issues
in the wider region of SE Europe.
Finally, in addition to the abovemen-
tioned bodies, MYTILINEOS Group is
a member of, and works closely with,
the following industry associations
and other organisations:
The Greek Mining Enterprises As-
sociation (SME).
The Hellenic Management Associa-
tion (HMA).
The Athens Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (ACCI).
The Hellenic-Arab Chamber of Com-
merce and Development.
The Hellenic-German Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.
The Hellenic-Chinese Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.
The Hellenic-French Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.
The Hellenic-African Chamber of
Commerce and Development.
The Aluminium Association of
The Hellenic Foundation for Euro-
pean and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).
The Pan-Hellenic Exporters’ Associ-
ation (PEA).
The Viotia Chamber.
The Association of Sociétés
Anonymes and Limited Liability
The ALBA Graduate Business School.
The Association of Industries in
Thessaly and Central Greece (AITC).
The Hellenic Institute of Entrepre-
neurship & Sustainable Develop-
ment (IEA).
3.7 Awards and distinctions
The Group’s Chairman & CEO was awarded with the 2nd Prize in the category “Visionary CEO in CSR” of the CEO
& CSR Money Conference Awards 2012 organised by the “Money Conference” institution.
MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A. was presented with the 3rd Prize in “Best FTSE-ASE/20 Company – 2012” catego-
ry of the “MONEY – G. OUZOUNIS Business Awards 2012” institution
METKA S.A. was presented with the 3rd Prize in the “Best Company – 2012” category of the “MONEY – G. OUZOU-
NIS Business Awards 2012” institution
MYTILINEOS Group was presented with a special award by the “Together for Children” Association in recogni-
tion of its generous support of the Association's cause and activities.
METKA S.A. was presented with a special award by the Hellenic Equestrian Federation, in recognition of its long-
standing support of the Equestrian sport.
During 2012, MYTILINEOS Group received the following awards and distinctions:
1...,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,...100
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