Over the last ten years, MYTILINEOS
Group has been established as the
dominant independent energy pro-
ducer in Greece by carrying out €1 bil-
lion of energy investments in a market
that opens up significant prospects for
the Greek economy and for Greek
businesses. Today, the Group has in
place a broad range of operations in
the energy sector, ranging from the
construction of power plants to the
supply of natural gas and the injection
of the electricity produced into the na-
tional grid.
PROTERGIA S.A. is the flagship com-
pany of MYTILINEOS Group in the en-
ergy sector, bringing under the same
roof the management of all energy as-
sets and activities of the Group. The
energy portfolio under the company’s
management comprises 1200MW
from Gas-fired Combined Cycle Ther-
mal Power plants (CCGTs and CHP /
High-Efficiency CHP) and 54 MW from
Renewable Energy Sources (RES), main-
ly wind farms and photovoltaic parks,
in operation. The strategic priorities of
Protergia are the following:
- To build and/or manage a dynamic
and balanced portfolio of energy assets
mainly from gas-fired thermal plants
(CCGTs) who successfully meet the
ever-changing environment of the
Greek energy market and to the Eu-
ropean Union requirements.
- To enter dynamically the wholesale
and retail electricity markets and the
emissions trading market.
- To expand in the future to neigh-
boring countries with high energy
Finally, 2012 was the first year during
which all three thermal power plants
managed by PROTERGIA S.A. were in
full operation. As a result, the Group’s
Energy Sector is on a par with its oth-
er business activity sectors and repre-
sents the third pillar on which the
Group’s prospects for improved fi-
nancial performance rely.
«M&M GAS Co. S.A.»
M&M GAS Co S.A was established by
Groups in 2010 and is active in the
supply and trading of natural gas (liq-
uefied or non-liquefied). The Compa-
ny seeks to meet the needs of its two
founding Groups in natural gas under
competitive terms and to also market
natural gas to third parties. Its estab-
lishment has paved the way for the lib-
eralisation of the domestic market
for natural gas, as M&M GAS Co S.A.
was the very first company in Greece
to import a private Liquefied Natural
Gas (LNG) cargo.
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