Sustainability Report 2016 evaluation questionnaire.

To all Stakeholders:

In response to the expectations of its Stakeholders and in line with its commitment to continuous improvement, MYTILINEOS Group is releasing its 9th annual Sustainability Report which is declared as "In accordance Core” for GRI (G4) Guidelines levels.".

In this regard, we would like to request your honest opinion and advice with which we could further improve our Sustainability Report next edition. Please fill in the short questionnaire below.

We would like to remind you that the content of our Sustainability Report 2016, determined solely by the result of the identification of the materiality issues process as provided by the new GRI G4 Guidelines. (For more information you may consult the Report in page 8).

Thank you in advance for your support.

  • Please specify which stakeholder group do you belong to? (Please tick only one choice)
  • Reading MYTILINEOS Group Sustainability Report which of the following main section/sections were you interested in? (You can ticked more than one choice)
  • Please rate the following elements of the Sustainability Report (Rating is from 1-5, with 1: lowest, 5: highest)
    • Design
    • Content
    • Clarity of texts and data
    • Transparency impression
    • Overall impression
  • Are there any topics which, in your opinion, should be treated more thoroughly by the MYTILINEOS Group and to be included within its future Sustainability Reports?
  • Are there any comments or suggest improvements of our Sustainability Report?
  • Which format of MYTILINEOS Group Sustainability Report do you prefer?
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