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Electricity and Natural Gas

Electricity and Natural Gas

MYTILINEOS Group expanded its activities to the Energy sector in 2001.

In the last ten years, the Group has been established as the dominant independent energy producer in Greece, by carrying out an investment plan in energy assets totalling €1 billion and taking on a leading role in the deregulation of the energy market, which opens up significant prospects for the Greek economy and for Greek businesses.

Through the synergies available with METKA and M&M Gas, the Group today has in place a broad range of vertically integrated operations in the energy sector, from the construction of power plants through to the supply of natural gas and the injection of the electricity produced into the national grid.

PROTERGIA S.A. is the flagship company of MYTILINEOS Group in the electricity sector, bringing under the same roof all of the Group’s energy assets and activities.

It is the largest independent electricity producer in the country, with 1200 MW from thermal plants in Greece and a portfolio of over 130 MW from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects.

PROTERGIA aims to build and retain a dynamic and balanced portfolio of energy assets, to enter the domestic wholesale and retail electricity markets, to participate in the CO2 emissions trading market, and to expand to the energy markets of neighbouring countries.

The Company is active in the retail electricity market with the aim to provide electricity to businesses, professionals and households, serving customer needs for competitive prices and modern, reliable service.

The company’s portfolio of thermal plants represents a total installed capacity of 1.2 GW in operation:

  • 444.48 MW – Gas-fired Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant (CCGT), owned by PROTERGIA S.A., in the Energy Complex of Ag. Nikolaos (Viotia).
  • 436.6 MW – Gas-fired Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant (CCGT), owned by KORINTHOS POWER S.A., in Ag. Theodori (Korinthia).
  • 334 MW – Gas-fired Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP), owned by ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, in the Energy Complex of Ag. Nikolaos (Viotia).

For more details, please visit the company’s website at: www.protergia.gr