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Insiders List

Insiders List

The Company is fully subject to the provisions of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission regarding market abuse and access to privileged information, as these are laid down in the Commission's Rule 347/12.07.2005 and in article 13 of Law 3340/2005, and has made available to the investing public the list of liable persons, i.e. of the persons who are pursuant to notify their relevant transactions. More specifically, the liable persons of MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A. are the following:



Evangelos Mytilineos Executive Member, Chairman and CEO
Ioannis Mytilineos Vice President
George Kontouzoglou Executive Director
Sofia Daskalaki Member (Non Executive)
Wade Burton Member (Non Executive Independent)
Apostolos Georgiadis Member (Non Executive Independent)
Michael Chandris Member (Non Executive Independent)
Christos Zerefos Member (Non Executive Independent)
Christos Gavalas Chief Executive Director - Group Treasury
Evangelos Chrisafis Chief Executive Director - Group Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Fotis Spyrakos Chief Executive Director - Group Administration
Ioannis Kalafatas Chief Executive Director - Group Finance
Antonis Papageorgiou Group Internal Audit Manager
Alexandros - Anargyros Kontouzoglou Executive Director Metallurgy Zn & Pb
Dimitris  Papadopoulos Executive Director - Group Corporate Affairs - MYTILINEOS SA
Dimitris  Diakopoulos Chief Legal Officer
Ioannis Desypris Executive Director - Regulatory Affairs
Anestis Deligeorgis Group Financial Controller
Elenos Karaindros Executive Director, Mergers & Acquisitions
Vivian Bouzali Group Communications Manager
Ioannis Maggel Executive Director - Asset & Liability Management
Angelos Georgoulis Director - Risk Management
Dimitris Platis Executive Director International Business Affairs
Dimitris Katralis IR Officer
Vassiliki Passa Department of Shareholders Services & Corporate Announcements
Konstantinos Fatolas Executive Director - Group IT
Konstantina Sotou Executive Director - Group Human Resources
Konstantinos Kriezis Accounting Manager
Vassiliki Prantzou Attorney at Law
Nikos Keramidas Attorney at Law
Manolis Michalios Auditor
Thanasis Χynas Auditor
George  Ekonomou Vice President (Executive) - METKA SA
Panagiotis Gardelinos Deputy Managing Director- Executive Member - METKA S.A.
Christos Pantzikas Executive Member - METKA S.A.
Aikaterini Donta Executive Member - METKA S.A.
Paul Smith Executive Member - METKA S.A.
Antonis Papantoniou Executive Member - METKA S.A.
George Pallas Member (Non Executive) - ΜΕΤΚΑ SA
Philip Zotos Member (Non Executive) - ΜΕΤΚΑ SA
Nikolaos Bakirtzoglou Member (Non Executive Independent) - ΜΕΤΚΑ SA
Iosef Avagianos Member (Non Executive Independent) - ΜΕΤΚΑ SA
Lydia Tsapara Chief Legal Officer – METKA SA
Spyridon Kasdas Chairman - Aluminion SA
Dimitris Stefanidis Managing Director - Aluminion SA
Matthaios Konstantinidis Managing Director - Delphi Distomon SA
Ioannis Dimou Member - Delphi Distomon SA
Ntinos Benroumpe Deputy Managing Director - PROTERGIA SA
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos Managing Director - M&M NATURAL GAS S.A.
Ioannis Kosmadakis Member - M&M NATURAL GAS S.A.
Kasapaki Anastasia Member - M&M NATURAL GAS S.A.