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CSR Publications

CSR Publications

Since 2007, in MYTILINEOS Group we have been applying the principle of accountability in connection with all major Corporate Social Responsibility issues. The basic methods that the Group employs to this end are: (a) the annual publication of its Sustainability Report according to GRI-G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines; and (b) the Stakeholder Engagement process implemented at local level since 2010.

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2015 Sustainability Report

 Highlights of the Sustainability Report
  • Follows GRI (G4), the world’s most advanced reference standard on the publication of Sustainability Reports.
  • Meets the criteria of the Advanced Level Communication on Progress (COP) of the UN Global Compact, as well as the criteria of the ISO 26000 International Standard on Corporate Social Responsibility and of the Greek Sustainability Code.
  • Presents the strategic directions for the Group’s responsible business growth, as well as the issues of material significance for sustainability and their impacts, at the level of the Group’s subsidiaries, for the next five (5) years.
  • Reports the results of the Group’s annual Stakeholder engagement process, which was applied for the 6th consecutive year.
  • Contains data on the change over time of key Environmental and Social performance indicators, as well as indicators that address specific criteria regarding the Group’s Corporate Governance framework.
  • Includes, for the very first time, comparative values for specific energy consumptions and specific air emissions by product category.
  • Places emphasis on the significant improvement in Health & Safety indicators, as well as on the Group’s performance in bolstering employment.
  • Describes the two major social programmes of increased value to society, namely the “ENGINEERS IN ACTION” & “I’M IN!” programmes, which the Group implemented in the framework of its Social Contribution activities.
MYTILINEOS Group, through its Sustainability Report 2015, continues to support the core mission of the International Organization GRI, focusing his efforts on timely and reliable information of its Social Partners regarding the management of substantive sustainability issues affecting its further development. The Group believes that this practice contributes significantly to improving the performance and thus the realization of its strategic objectives.


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