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CSR Committee

CSR Committee


The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, was established by the Board of Directors decision of 17.11.2010, and  amended by its  07.06.2018 decision. It is composed of board members  and senior company staff. 

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is composed of the following Members:

  1. Sofia Daskalaki
  2. Dimitra Brakatselou
  3. Konstantina Mavraki
  4. Panagiota Antonakou
  5. Dimitrios Papadopoulos
  6. George Galanis
  7. Triantafyllia Lanara


The CSR Committee is responsible to the Board of Directors for monitoring the correct implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company in terms of the policies, targets, actions and results in connection with environmental, social and ethical issues in the internal as well as the external environment of the Company. The Committee may also act in the role of advisor to the Company's executive management team and to the relevant Board Committees on the above issues.