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Credit Risk

Credit Risk

The Group has no significant concentrations of credit risk with any single counter party. Credit risk arises from cash and cash equivalents, derivative financial instruments and deposits with banks and financial institutions, as well as credit exposures to wholesale customers. Concerning trade accounts receivables, the Group is not exposed to significant credit risks as they mainly consist of a large, widespread customer base.

However, the atypical conditions that dominate the Greek market and several other markets in Europe are forcing the Group to constantly monitor its business claims and also to adopt policies and practices to ensure that such claims are collected. By way of example, such policies and practices include insuring credits where possible; pre-collection of the value of product sold to a considerable degree; safeguarding claims by collateral loans on customer reserves; and receiving letters of guarantee.

To minimize credit risk on cash reserves and cash equivalents; in financial derivate contracts; as well as other short term financial products, the Group specifies certain limits to its exposure on each individual financial institution and only engages in transactions with creditworthy financial institutions of high credit rating.

Τhe maturity profile of the Group’s financial assets as at as at 31.12.2014 and 31.12.2013 are shown in the page 131 of the ANNUAL REPORT 2014.