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Chairman's Message - Evangelos Mytilineos

Chairman's Message - Evangelos Mytilineos

Evangelos Mytilineos

MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A. is one of the largest Greek corporations, active in the Heavy Industries sector since 1908. For more than three generations, our strategy has been focused on creating an Industrial Group active in production sectors which are diverse but key to the country's growth.

For MYTILINEOS Group, the last decade was a highly fruitful period that shaped the characteristics and laid the foundations on which we are now working tirelessly to strengthen our company, both in Greece and abroad. The acquisitions of METKA and ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, together with the establishment of Protergia, demonstrate our commitment to contributing to the development of the Greek industry and to the creation of infrastructures for the future. They also serve as a sign of a strong organisation that invests in rising sectors, such as Energy, towards realising its vision. Throughout our evolution, we have carried out substantial investments in projects to improve the environmental performance of our subsidiaries and to mitigate their unavoidable impact on the environment. These efforts are now being intensified, in line with our strategy for sustainable development.

For MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS S.A., its presence in the Greek market is a long-standing involvement with long-term prospects. We are interested in harnessing the country's potential in people, raw materials and technologies to meet the internal requirements of the market and to promote Greek industrial solutions and products in Europe and around the world. Our prospects for growth during the next five years focus on the expansion of our energy portfolio in the Greek energy market under liberalisation, and on sustaining steady growth rates in the Metallurgy and EPC Projects sectors. The openness of our business operations is confirmed by major business deals that we have concluded, and continue to conclude, despite the adverse conditions created by the financial crisis. The fact that – through its subsidiaries – the Group has secured contracts for projects with demanding requirements and specifications, serves as proof of the Greek industry's ability to compete on equal terms abroad, even in developed markets such as those of Western Europe.