MYTILINEOS HOLDINGS | 2016 Sustainability Report - page 16-17

Online thematic Consultation entitled:
«Social Impact and Performance”
Aiming to improve its social performance, in 2016 Protergia launched
an online dialogue in order to obtain get feedback from its key
Stakeholder groups on its existing social initiatives.
A structured questionnaire, together with a custom-developed
presentation (based on the use of infographics) of the particular
characteristics of the company’s social impact and performance,
were sent to a total of
191 persons or entities
belonging to Protergia’s
keyStakeholder groups, suchas: theemployees, suppliers / business
partners, Local Government, Regulatory Authorities and CSR bodies,
consumers’ associations, largeand residential customers, journalists
and NGOs.
Main objectives of the Consultation and results
Objective 1
To provide Stakeholders with
information of substance, in the
best way possible, regarding
the main social initiatives and
performance of Protergia for the
year 2015.
The Stakeholders’ response rate to the Consultation stood at 57.6%, up by 8.1%
compared to the corresponding Consultation held in 2015.
Objective 2
To have the company’s specific
Overall, PROTERGIA’s social performance of PROTERGIA in 2015 was judged as
satisfactory to highly satisfactory by virtually all Stakeholders who responded to
the Consultation.
Objective 3
To increase the Stakeholders’
active participation rate compared
to the 2015 Consultation and to
invite the submission of proposals,
expectations or ideas that the
company could use in its efforts
for continuous improvement and
responsible development.
The active participation rate of PROTERGIA’s Stakeholders stood at 39.1%, up by
6.6% compared to the 2015 Consultation. Also, 41 proposals/ideas were submitted,
more than any previous Consultation of the company.
6.1 Engagement Process 2016
Two special thematic dialogueswere held in 2016: one in theMetallurgy
&Mining Sector, focusing on Environmental protection, and one for the
In more detail:
Thematic consultation entitled:
“We talk about the Environment”
In the context of the World Environment Day celebration (17/6/2016),
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE (AoG) held to great success its second
consecutive annual thematic dialogue with its Stakeholder groups.
The event, entitled “We Talk about the Environment”, was held at the
facilities of the Company’s plant in Ag. Nikolaos, Viotia.
Present at the Consultation were representatives of the local
Municipalities, the competent Departments of the Region of
Sterea Hellas, the Viotia Chamber, the Academic community, the
School community, local Media and the Hellenic Centre for Marine
Research (HCMR), as well as representatives of Consulting and
Engineering firms working with the Company and of certification
bodies, all of which were briefed in detail on the Company’s
policy, core principles and management approach regarding
environment-related matters.
The objectives of the Consultation were to provide participants
with detailed information on the environment-related initiatives
and policies of ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, by presenting concrete
practices and fully documented data, and to facilitate the
exchange of views and the submission of proposals in areas
where improvements are needed.
In particular, the following were analysed discussed during the
• The Environmental Management System of AoG (implement-
ation and advantages).
• The studies and business investments that have been carried
out over the last few years and havemade a crucial contribution
to the company’s efforts to improve its environmental footprint.
• The company’s Environmental Protection activity and the
development of its system for the management of solid and
liquid waste and air emissions, with presentation of concrete
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
• The policy on the environmental rehabilitation of usable land,
based on actual case studies presented by representatives of
DELPHI-DISTOMON, an AoG subsidiary.
• The work of the Research and Innovation Department, focusing
on the major initiatives that have been implemented for the
utilisation of bauxite residues.
The Consultation concluded with an open discussion and the
submission of proposals by the participants. The Consultation’s
proposals and conclusions will be used to expand the Company’s
environmental policy, where feasible, in line with its efforts for
continuous responsible development.
The key issues that emerged during the Consultation were the
G4 -27
• The prospect of investments in more environment-friendly
technologies at the AoG plant.
• The possibility of placing on the Greek market stone wool
and pig iron products, as a result of the utilisation of bauxite
residuesmade possible by the European ENEXAL programme.
• The possibility of utilising bauxite residues for paving rural
• The results of studies carried out on marine environment
protection issues.
• The need for the company to collaborate with postgraduate
university programmes, in order to disseminate the knowledge
on environmental management and the company’s experience
from its participation in research efforts, to postgraduate
students in the fields of Geosciences and the Environment.
In addition, ALUMINIUM OF GREECE also published on its website
a specially developed environmental brochure with the title “The
underline its intention to provide all its Stakeholder groups, as well
as all other interested parties, with fuller updates on its activities
regarding the protection of the environment.
Finally, the Company adopted the CO
NS/EVENT application,
which concerns the Calculation and Offsetting of the Total Carbon
Footprint of the Consultation event, in accordance with the “CO
Neutral Seal” innovative certification method. By endorsing this
initiative, ALUMINIUM OF GREECE established the Consultation as
carbon neutral, by calculating the total greenhouse gas emissions
from the implementation of the event and then purchasing a
quantity of high-quality carbon credits equivalent to the volume
of these emissions. With this purchase, the Company helps
support certified projects that benefit the environment, such as
projects involving the use of renewable energy sources and the
conservation of natural resources, currently in operation in various
regions around the globe.
5 4 3 2
0 1
Evaluation of the thematic Consultation
ALUMINIUM OF GREECE went on to evaluate the Consultation by
posting a custom satisfaction questionnaire to all participants and
inviting them to indicate their satisfaction using a rating scale of 1 (low)
to 5 (high).
Three separate aspects of the Consultationwere evaluated: (a) Overall
Image, (b) Planning and (c) Organisation. A number of individual
variableswere used in each category and respondentswere also able
to make comments and suggest improvements. The percentage of
Stakeholderswho respondedpositively to theevaluation reached55%,
with a total of 17 comments/suggestions for improvement submitted.
Overall, the participants rated the new consultation process as very
useful and positive.
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